center of gravity

Circus is leaving town. :o(

After many years as one of the few cultural hot spots in the east end of Toronto the circus is sadly shutting it's doors.

The owners have decided to pack up and retire (for now). After over 20 years in the business, they got burnt out. The circus isn't all just balloons, fun and death defying stunts, theres alot of behind the scenes un-glorified work that goes in, which can easily get tiring for anyone. So off to more adventures for Eli and Svava. All the best guys!

--On a personal note I actually moved to the east end to be closer to the circus. Participating in clown and improv classes, open gyms and being a cast member of the Lunacy Cabaret for the last 7 years among other weird things. the venue has become a second home for me. the circus was more then just a community. --

That said there are still smaller run circus' in the area, all posted here in the official heart felt statement from the owners : Statement.



Message me if interested