Follow the Crack

Most common question that I get is where to the next boom gonna be?

My Answer: Follow the crack! 

It's no secret that gentrification exists, and is running rampant with out of touch boomers wanting to have a somewhat tangible connection to cool. Yet not interact, instead accidentally driving the hipster bohemian artists away thus creating a baron lifeless neighbourhood. This cycle continues as we all know. 

Let's take a step back and find out where these artists are going in the first place. This only works if you are between the demographic of an artist and boomer. You gotta have a bit of money and willing to grind out the rough hoods for a bit to really 'capitalize' on your investment. 

So buy in the rundown crack neighbourhoods. Thats where the rent is cheap and artist will be moving in to make the neighborhoods pretty. It happened with Parkdale, Leslieville, Corktown etc etc... Potential gentrifications: Weston rd, East Danforth, Hamilton.