Lucky Cats

This is a series of my Home Made House Warming Presents for clients​, they ​s​tart off like this:
Original Lucky Cat
And finish off like these:
emma and brit

Britton and Emma Cat with baby Boleslaw.

This was a special treat to make the lucky cats for my best pals Britton and Emma along with their self title ‘vagina bug’ baby Boleslaw, or by his legal name Roman. Emma works as a human rights lawyer for the city and is an aspiring diplomat: Britton is a musician and aspiring Conductor …of ...Read More

Tyler Niki Cat

Niki and Tyler Cat

      Tyler and Niki just moved down the street to their lovely new home that feels like a big cottage in Corktown. They have been the most lovely clients I have had to date, very laid back and have an awesome cat named Kinglsey (as portrayed with Tyler). They have been thinking about opening ...Read More

Reid Cat2

Reid Cat

Reid Cat was made for my first client I had strictly from my bike, he messaged me one day and word closely together to find him a pretty sweet pad. Reid is an avid cyclist which is awesome and rides for charities which is double awesome. He has many bike jerseys from these charity rides ...Read More

Malgosia and Tom

Malgosia and Tomek Cat

This was a special project… It wasn’t for a client or a housewarming present, it was rather for my cousin’s wedding present. It’s Malgosia and her fiance Tom Cat. She is the closest thing I have to a sibling and love her very much, she is expecting in a few months so I will add ...Read More

Clay Cat

Clay Cat

This one is Clay, the Cogs Cycle shop guy. Clay has been known as the Cogs Cycle shop guy, well he also has been paying music for many many years. Clay Cat includes leather jacket, red scarf jeans and a guitar desperate to be tuned.


Shayne Cat

This is the third in the house warming lucky cats series: Shayne (who happens to be a professional Dominatrix). Comes equipped with a sparkly vest, boots, a studded collar, her black book and of course a Sybian.  

PhotoBomb Boris

Dan, Julian and Kat Cat.

Here is the second set of the Lucky Human Cat Series: Kat, Dan and Julian (with a photo bomb from Boris). They are in their tiger, leopard and brown onsies. They are sporting the Om symbol since they are the co-organizers of the wonderful Om festival.   .  

Matta&Zlata cat

Zlata and Matt Cat

I have always been an advocate of making my clients house warming presents. So here is the first ones: Zlata and Matt: Zlata is a yoga instructor complete with her LuLuLemon tights (turns out she doesnt actually wear them) and yoga mat. Then there is mat who is a stilter and his cat comes complete with ...Read More

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