About Arty

Arty Basinski

The Real Estate by Bike guy… Formerly known as the Biking REALTOR.

Taking clients on adventurous journeys through the city to show houses. Discovering nooks and crannies and taking it all in from a different perspective; parks, paths and pedal power! You can drive if you like it will take longer and you will have to worry about parking, petrol and traffic.

Arty is a very creative passionate person that happens to be a real estate agent. He goes that extra mile to ensure clients are happy (helps with minor renos to prepare properties, free staging, pro photography and virtual tours among other things) He’s real, down to earth, good at what he does, cares and may even turn up in shorts, he’s a real estate agent for people who don’t want a real estate agent.

An avid musician… well drummer, plays in a few local bands including the circus in the east end Leslieville at Lunacy Cabaret. He is in a couple clown and improv troupes, makes epic ‘Lucky Cat’ housewarming gifts for clients and is a massive animal lover; Donating 10% of his earnings to Animal Charities (half to his clients choice and half to his).

Recent Donations:

Annex Cat Rescue ($1350):

Annex Cat Rescue

Toronto Humane Society ($800):


Adopt a Dog Save a Life ($900):


Arty Sherry and pup

WWF (Save Tigers) ($500):


Southern Ontario Animal Rescue ($500):


Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals ($400)

Fur protection